Geena and Susan may have played complete opposites in Thelma & Louise, but these days, the two actresses are leading parallel lives.

Recently, Geena married a man 15 years younger than her. Susan's longtime partner, Tim Robbins, is 12 years her junior. Both women have two sons and a daughter and successful film careers. They've also managed to balance their personal and professional lives.

"It used to be, in the old days, you had to choose between a career and a family," Susan tells Geena. "It's been really great to see you … not be in a relationship where you had to minimize who you are. I could see that's what you were struggling with when we first met. … [Guys] would choose you for your strength, and then they would not be able to deal with it ultimately."

Geena says that's a common problem for all women, not just Hollywood actresses. "It took a lot of practice to figure it out," she says. "[I realized], 'Oh, I see, I'm supposed to change. I'm not just supposed to change the guy.'"

"How did you finally do it?" Susan asks.

"Practice," Geena says.