Amy struggles to move around in her home.

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Learning how to live paralyzed from the waist down has been difficult, Amy says. Simple things like showering, putting on shoes and keeping a house with two young boys are never-ending challenges.

But she is ready to confront those challenges. "I'm determined to do whatever I can to make life as normal as possible," Amy says. "I'm doing the normal mom things—I'm a homeroom mom, a team mom for the baseball team, and I help out in my son's school." Amy is even learning to drive in a converted, paraplegic-accessible car.

Amy says that her injuries from the tornado—and realization of how fragile life is—have made her more appreciative of what she has. Especially "the simplest things," she says. "I've come to realize that I sleep with one shade opened so when the sun rises, I have to watch it. And, you know, I'll just sit back and watch the kids play a little more."