Larry Cummins came to Alena's rescue.

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As hope was running out for Alena and her grandfather, a stranger came upon the scene. Though Larry didn't see the car sinking, he did see bubbles and debris on the surface of the water. So he jumped in. Because the water was so dark, he couldn't see anything underwater. "I jumped into the dirty water, and I didn't even know the car was there until I swam down and I basically felt the car," Larry says.

As he felt around, he eventually found the doors of the car. He tried three of them, and they were all locked. He surfaced for air after he found each door and called to a friend to find some rocks to break the windows.

Finally, he found that the driver's side door was unlocked and pulled on it until it opened. "I couldn't see anybody," Larry says. "I figure somebody's going to be sitting right here in the front seat and nobody's there."