The Marines of Alpha Company reunite with their families.

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It has been seven agonizing months since Alpha Company last saw their families and friends. Now, there are 72 sons, daughters, wives, fiancées and parents who are ready to see their heroes again!

Lance Corporal Fernando Camacho last saw his baby daughter when she was just a month old.

Staff Sergeant Stephen Sotuyo says he couldn't wait to tell his 5-year-old daughter, "I love you."

Jordan, Lance Corporal Dimitrius Naylor's 1 1/2-year-old son, learned to say "Daddy" while his father was away.

Lance Corporal Dustin Pierce is getting married just days after his return!

John Walker, who welcomes his son home, speaks for everyone in America when he says, "We're so proud of him. We love him dearly and we're just grateful he's home safe."