While most attention has focused on Whitney and Laura because of their mistaken identity, it's important to honor the memories of the four other people who lost their lives in the accident.

The family of Laurel Erb (upper left) says she saw beauty in everyday things. They say "her imagination soared when it came to appreciating the largest or smallest facets of God's creation: a sunset, ice formations, the underside of a leaf."

Monica Felver (upper right), who worked on the Taylor University campus, was a mother of eight. Her family says, "She was the hardest worker, loyal friend, honest, loving, truest person" they have ever met.

Friends and family describe Brad Larson (lower left) as sweet, thoughtful, smart and athletic with a keen sense of humor. He loved NBA basketball and could discuss basketball trivia for hours.

Elizabeth Smith (lower right)—or Betsy as she was known—always made sure no one felt left out. If a friend was hurting, she was the first to try to help.