Allison conducts a private reading for Mary and Wade.

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Candace died in a bike accident in late 2006, leaving behind a husband, Wade, a 14-month-old son, Owen, and her mother, Mary. When Allison meets with Mary and Wade, she says she sees Candace as she looked as a little girl. "Interestingly enough, it doesn't matter how old they were when they died—like she kept showing herself little. Sometimes they do that because that's when they were the happiest and the most secure," Allison says.

Wade says Allison knew details of Candace's death that he didn't tell her. "She was hit by an automobile and hit the windshield and really shattered her head and had major internal injuries. And Allison—without knowing what had happened to my wife—brought up that she had major head injuries," Wade says.

During the reading, Allison tells Mary and Wade that Candace heard them when they went to the hospital, after she was already gone, and that she is now at peace. Allison also brings up a photograph of Candace and Wade on vacation in Hawaii. "When we sat down, she knew nothing, and that picture from Hawaii was sitting [at home] in my living room," Wade says.