Wade and Mary

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Wade tells Allison that he and his son sing together and think of Candace every night. Allison says Candace feels that moment, and that she has a message for her son. "She says, 'Mommy loves you.' She comes to him in dreams, but she also sits at the end of his bed at night to make sure he's okay. So just try to maybe explain that Mommy's his angel now, because she says she's his angel," Allison says.

Wade says he was a skeptic before he met with Allison, and he made sure not to give any personal information before the reading. But Allison's knowledge of the Hawaii picture and of other personal things that she could not have researched made him let go of his skepticism.

"I don't think you need to become a believer until someone close to you dies, and then you want to believe in something," Mary says. "I am so thankful for [Allison] because I always knew [Candace] was in me and her spirit, her energy is intense around us, but you allowed me now to talk to her. I know that when I talk to her now, she responds."