Allison gives her impressions of the disappearance of Jackie Hartman.

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Allison says she believes Jackie has died. She adds that she believes Jackie was choked and lost consciousness before the "final impact," so she might not have felt what was happening to her.

Allison says she thinks the struggle started in a vehicle and ended on the ground, and that in her mind, she saw an embankment where Jackie would have rolled down. "I was shown a funeral and Jackie being laid to rest, so she will be found and her parents will have that," Allison says.

While the information Allison receives is often disturbing, she says she tries to not let it distract her when she is working. "When I'm getting into the head of the killer, I can't get pulled in emotionally, because if I do that, I get scattered and I'm not focusing on the information. I'm not pulling the information that makes me the killer's worst nightmare," Allison says. "I have to be very clear on why I'm there and fall apart later."