Allison talks about her abilities.

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Since she discovered how the information she receives can help in investigations, Allison, author of the book We Are Their Heaven has continued to help law enforcement officers as a psychic crime profiler. She says she gets information about a case by "head-tapping" the criminal. "I look at the first name of the victim, and there's some impressions that are left on a person—their parents, how they die. And if it's at the hands of somebody else, then I'm able to actually connect through the victim to the perpetrator and get in their head," she says. "The victim bridges me to the perpetrator so that I can get into their head and see through their eyes."

Even if a suspect has been named, Allison tries not to look at photos or other information. "I like to go off nothing, where I'm untainted. I'm not tainted by anything. Then my information is raw and clear," Allison says. After the first impression, sometimes she does look at the pictures and performs a second reading. "But I already know who he is from being in his head. I've already felt his motive," she says.

Allison gives insight into her process as she looks into the case of 19-year-old Jackie Hartman. She was last seen at a gas station near Phoenix in the early-morning hours of January 28, 2007, after her sister dropped her off to meet a man she had met only two weeks earlier. Later a man was charged with first degree murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. He is awaiting trial. Hundreds of law enforcement officials, family and friends searched for Jackie for days after her disappearance, and a family friend asked Allison to give her impressions of the case.