Joy and Allison

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Joy and Allison are hoping John can give them comfort after the death of Laurie—Joy's daughter and Allison's twin sister.

A few of the ways that John shows Joy and Allison that he is really channeling Laurie is by knowing her middle name (Ann) and saying "Baby Girl" (Laurie's nickname).

John also says, "Now, I don't know if you took it off, if you stopped wearing something jewelry-wise, but somebody's telling me that they know you took off, whatever the thing is." Joy and Allison explained that while Laurie was undergoing treatment for the cancer that eventually killed her, the whole family wore LIVESTRONG bracelets. When Laurie died, they all agreed to take off the bracelets together on January 1, 2007.

John has more to tell Joy and Allison. "She's making me feel like she wasn't upset. I feel calm, serene and in control. Like that's the feeling. And I feel like I'm more concerned if I'm talking first person now for her, I'm more concerned about you. … I feel like you need to know that there was nothing else I possibly could have done. I have to say there's a feeling of—this is going to sound crazy, and I'm so sorry—gratitude. I have a feeling of appreciation and gratitude."