John Edward

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John says that because the dead are unable to speak directly, they communicate through "vibrational frequency," he says. "They have to lower their frequency … to be able to make the connection with the medium. The medium has to raise their vibration, for me it's [through] meditation and prayer. And then there's that gap, and in between that great little divide is where the information comes across and where, I think, interpretation can go out. I think that [the dead] are 100 percent accurate in trying to come through. I'm not. The medium's not. We can completely misinterpret."

When he is in contact with the dead, John says he is routinely overcome with sympathetic or empathetic emotion. "Almost like a wave that hits me," he says. "For a complete stranger, I'll have this amazing feeling of love. Somebody that I don't know, that I shouldn't have an amazing feeling of love towards, I'll just love you. I'll feel this feeling. That's what I do."

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