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In a reading with Darcel, John experiences something he says is not uncommon—he isn't able to get a reading from her dead friend.

John says there was another pivotal time he wasn't able to make a connection. His own mother was seriously ill with lung cancer, yet he says he had failed to see it. When the doctor informed John, he refused to believe that he'd failed to recognize something so important. "I said, 'Well, I happen to be one of New York's top psychics.' And I said, 'If my mother had cancer, somebody upstairs would have given me a heads up.'"

When the doctor showed John X-rays, he says he knew that the tumor would be benign. However, it turned out be the "grossest malignancy" the doctor had ever seen, John says. "I learned a very valuable lesson … that I have limited access to what I'm shown. I do believe we're all here to learn lessons. And I do believe that this is of God or whatever and that I needed to have that experience. I needed to be put into check to keep my ego way out of the way."

Although John isn't able to read Darcel, she says he did, in fact, help her deal with the death of her friend Tawanda. "John started talking about how many people don't believe in a coincidence. And at that time, a lightbulb went on for me. … When she passed away, I was by her bedside and I asked her to come back and visit me. And ever since then, I've been seeing the number 111. I would wake up in the middle of the evening and I would see the number 1:11 on my alarm clock. When I pulled up in front of the studio, the address across the street was 111. I knew that Tawanda was validating for me that everything that has happened is not a coincidence."