There are numerous other oppositions in One Hundred Years of Solitude that are worth exploring more deeply. They include: 

  • Depravity vs. Morality
  • Human Landscape vs. Physical Landscape
  • Love/Friendship vs. Sex/Procreation

Characters also generate some interesting contrasts. Sometimes, the comparison of two divergent personalities can reveal intriguing aspects to each that aren't immediately evident when a character is examined in isolation. Think about: 
  • The Aurelianos vs. the José Arcadios
  • Úrsula vs. Melquíades
  • Petra Cotes vs. Fernanda
  • Amaranta vs. Rebeca

Of course, these lists are just a small sampling of the riches presented by the contradictions in One Hundred Years of Solitude. As you read, see what other oppositions present themselves and ask yourself what they might imply about the themes of this magical book.

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