A professor of Spanish at Williams College since 1975, Dr. Bell-Villada is an expert in South American literature who has written extensively on genres, authors and works. His books on Gabriel García Márquez (García Márquez: The Man and His Work) and Jorge Luis Borges (Borges and His Fiction: A Guide to His Mind and Art) are core texts that have helped lead thousands of readers nationwide through the intricacies of those authors' writings. In addition, he is the editor of the highly respected Casebook on One Hundred Years of Solitude, which brings together articles by several distinguished scholars of the novel and its author. Born in Haiti and raised in Puerto Rico, Cuba and Venezuela, Bell-Villada studied at the University of California at Berkeley and Harvard University. His wide-ranging work Art for Art's Sake and Literary Life was a finalist for the 1997 National Book Critics Circle Award. He is also the author of two books of fiction, The Carlos Chadwick Mystery: A Novel of College Life and Political Terror and The Pianist Who Liked Ayn Rand: A Novella and 13 Stories.


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