Part of the original expedition José Arcadio Buendía led to found Macondo, Pilar comes to the Buendía house to do chores. She is foul-mouthed, provocative and has a talent for reading cards. Although she is almost a decade older than José Arcadio (II), she takes his virginity and bares him a son, José Arcadio (III), also known as Arcadio, whom Úrsula raises. Pilar also sleeps with Aureliano to quell his passion for the child Remedios. Later she ends up brokering their marriage even though she is pregnant with Aureliano's son, Aureliano José. Amaranta, the child's aunt, raises him in the Buendía household. Pilar becomes a local whore and successful madam, often sought out by members of the Buendía family to read their fortunes and perform services, although none of her descendants realize she is related to them. She lives to be 145 years old.


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