The illegitimate son of Renata Remedios (Meme) and Mauricio Babilonia, Aureliano (II) is concealed by his grandmother, Fernanda del Carpio from the family and the town. Once his only playmate, his aunt Amaranta Úrsula, leaves, Aureliano (II) educates himself in the laboratory with Melquíades' guidance. As his grandmother Fernanda grows old, he acclimates himself gradually into town. When Amaranta Úrsula returns and he finds himself falling in love with her, he takes a lover, Nigromanta. He and Amaranta Úrsula begin a love affair under her husband Gaston's nose. All the while, Aureliano (II) is consumed with translating Melquíades' parchments. With his aunt, Amaranta Úrsula, he fathers the last in the Buendía line, the baby Aureliano (III).


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