Cry, the Beloved Country is the story of two men joined by circumstance. They are men who struggle in their own unique circumstances to overcome. How can this work of searing beauty change your life? Open your mind and heart to South Africa—and get to know one of the most moving novels of our time.

Start Your Journey 
It's the book Nelson Mandela calls "a monument to the future." Learn about Cry, the Beloved Country and take a closer look at South Africa—past and present. 

A Freedom Fighter 
Author Alan Paton was a white man in a country of oppressed blacks who fought for their freedom and believed in their worth. Meet the man who brought the world face-to-face and heart-to-heart with the problem of race relations in South Africa. 

Chapter Summaries 
Written in three parts, Cry, the Beloved Country is a visionary story of hope and compassion. Explore this selection—chapter by chapter, book by book. 
Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 

Reading Questions 
Looking for insight into this "searingly beautiful," deep and powerful work? We'll help you warm up your discussions with these discussion questions. 
Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3  

Meet the Characters
Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis' families make up the backbone of this simple story about the pain of loss, the strength of forgiveness and the importance of having a good moral compass. Explore their families trees and learn more about each character. 
The Kumalo Family | The Jarvis Family

Explore the Glossary 
Have you come across a word you don't recognize while reading this novel? Consult our glossary of special terms.

Alan Paton's Literary Legacy 
Learn more about what books and authors influenced Alan Paton, and how his writings live on in the work of others.   

The Trip of a Lifetime 
After flying almost 17 hours, crossing the equator, and traveling more than 8,700 miles, three lucky viewers landed in South Africa to explore more of Cry, the Beloved Country. Discover the magic and beauty of South Africa through their eyes. 
Meet Tiffany | Meet Marina | Meet Carri


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