Why She Wanted to Go to South Africa
Carri, a 31-year-old teacher from Eugene, Oregon, began teaching history for the first time last year. She was determined to find a good way to make history "real" for her students.

She says, "When you can make things real for kids, when they can imagine themselves in someone else's shoes, when things become vivid...that's when you can make an actual experience for them. I believe that's when real learning and real compassion take place. And that, to me, is the blessing of all education."

Favorite Cry, the Beloved Country Quote
Carri's favorite line from the novel: "Read more, think more, want more."

About Carri
When Carri went to college, she felt herself drawn to education but went a more creative route, majoring in English, Communications and Theater. Carri later returned to school to get a master's in Education and she credits Oprah with giving her the courage to pursue her dream.

Last year, Carri began following her own passion as a teacher. She is now teaching in one of the lowest income school systems in her area— giving her compassion and helping her to understand the way people look at poverty and children from the "wrong side of the tracks." She could relate to the social message of Cry, the Beloved Country because of the attitudes she feels society has that teaching poor children can be a "waste of time".

Carri is an avid reader and loyal Oprah's Book Club fan. She was not only amazed by this book selection's social significance and historical value, but also by the fact that the lives inside the book feel so real to her. Carri says she didn't devour the book...instead, she took her time, reading it in pieces so she could soak it all in.  


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