Why She Wanted to Go to South Africa
Marina, a massage therapist and mother of two, would like to be more involved in helping others—more than anything, she wants to learn how to open her heart. It's been a lifelong dream of Marina's to go to South Africa...to step out of her comfort zone, broaden her horizons and truly experience the world beyond her backyard.

In reading Cry, the Beloved Country, Marina saw so many things that strongly resemble America's heritage. She feels South Africa has a strong and unique story to tell, one that people in our nation can learn from.

About Marina
Marina has never traveled outside of the U.S. (except for a trip to Mexico as a small child) and is looking forward to the chance to be a traveler and learn about another culture.

Marina loved reading Cry, the Beloved Country and says while reading it, she saw so many things that moved her. Growing up in a biracial family, with both the perspective of her Mexican mother and Caucasian father, Marina has a unique take on race—she has lived with the racial issues in the U.S. her whole life. As she finished the novel, she could most relate to Kumalo's heartache and Jarvis' forgiveness.

For Marina, the heart of the story is that we are all the same: "I know and understand that humanity needs to change. I feel this so strongly, I believe it can be one person at a time." 


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