Abigail Breslin talks about being nominated for an Academy Award.

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If 10-year-old Oscar® hopeful Abigail Breslin goes home with the gold, she'll tie Tatum O'Neal as the youngest winner in Academy Award history! Abigail is nominated for playing Olive in Little Miss Sunshine. The film—which stars fellow nominee Alan Arkin—tells the story of a family that goes on a disaster-ridden road trip in a Volkswagen bus so Olive can appear in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant.

Abigail says she was asleep when the Oscar nominations were announced. "My mom and my brother came in and they were screaming and they woke me up," Abigail says. As far as what she is going to wear to the awards, Abigail says she has no idea. "My favorite color is red," she says.

Even though she doesn't know exactly what her dress will look like on Oscar night, she does know who she is going to bring to the awards. "Well, I'm not old enough to date yet…so my parents and my Curious George," she says.