It's never too late to help after a natural disaster like Superstorm Sandy. Every donation helps, no matter how small your contribution is. The people who suffer the consequences of these disasters need our help long after the news cameras leave the devastated areas. We've compiled a list of ways you can contribute to the Sandy relief effort right now.

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1. Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers Foundation
If you would like to donate directly to a specific borough in New York City under the Tunnels to Towers Foundation's Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, follow the link above and then select a borough from the list at the bottom of the page. Tunnels to Towers, which was established in the name of Stephen Siller, FDNY, who lost his life on 9/11, also accepts donations via mail. All information can be found on their website.

2. Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund
While New Jersey remains in the recovery stage, helping New Jerseyans return as close to normalcy as quickly as possible, recovering from the devastation of Sandy will take much more time, resources, and assistance to families in need. Earlier this month, Governor Christie and First Lady Mary Pat Christie formed the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund to assist residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

3. American Red Cross
The Red Cross continues to focus on reaching as many people as possible who need their help. Getting supplies, meals and water into affected areas is the top priority. Financial donations make the greatest and most immediate impact, helping the Red Cross provide shelter, food, emotional support and other assistance to those affected by disasters like Hurricane Sandy.

4. Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund
Hurricane Sandy has caused massive destruction and dislocation along the East Coast of the United States and extensive flooding in the Caribbean. This fund supports relief efforts by organizations working in multiple locations, including the River Fund in New York, International Medical Corps in Haiti, and Save the Children across impacted areas, to provide emergency assistance to those in need. Specific project distributions will be communicated as allocations are made.

5. The River Fund New York
For 18 of their 21 years, the River Fund New York has been operating the only mobile pantry program in New York City, taking care of extremely needy families in New York's most desperate communities. As a result of this depth of experience and well-practiced teams, they have been, in many instances, the first food providers to get into the areas hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy. Their mobile pantry operations get in and set up in minutes and begin serving substantial quantities of ready-to-eat foods.

6. KIDS Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund
Since 1985, Kids in Distressed Situations (KIDS) has responded to natural disasters quickly and effectively. Their response to Hurricane Sandy is well underway, and they need your help to ensure that families living in New York, New Jersey and West Virginia receive warm winter clothing, coats, shoes, undergarments, blankets and baby products to endure the harsh winter weather.

7. Fuel Relief Fund
Fuel Relief Fund is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides free fuel immediately after a major disaster. They are currently deploying to the New Jersey coastline to provide free fuel for those in need. Primarily, the gas and diesel fuel will be given to individuals and other nonprofit agencies for use in generators and vehicles. One hundred percent of funds raised for the relief effort is used to purchase fuel.

8. Help Hurricane Sandy Survivors Rebuild
World Concern is responding directly to aid families affected by Hurricane Sandy in Haiti, where more than 50 people lost their lives and 18,000 families are left homeless by this historic storm. In the United States, they're responding through partner organizations and local churches to reach needy families with emergency assistance.

9. Relief and Recovery for Haiti Disaster Survivors
Mercy Corps continues to assist the survivors of disasters in Haiti, including working through their existing microinsurance organization to ensure thousands get the funds they desperately need to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy. Mercy Corps works with vulnerable communities in Port-au-Prince and in the rural Central Plateau and Lower Artibonite Valley. Their programs take innovative approaches and apply the benefits of technology to support underserved communities.

10. Support Children Affected by Hurricane Sandy
Save the Children is creating Child-Friendly Spaces in hurricane evacuation shelters and is distributing the materials that families need to keep their youngest children healthy. The hurricane's damage and its impact on children and families is likely to be so severe that Save the Children has declared a $1 million goal to help families recover.

11. Baby Buggy Hurricane Sandy Family Assistance Fund
Sadly, over 2,100 families in Baby Buggy's service network live(d) in the Rockaways, Staten Island and Coney Island. These were always some of New York City's most vulnerable families; now they are also suffering the cruel fate of loss of homes, power and jobs, and a few of their program sites in the Rockaways and Coney Island were severely damaged. The organization has been working tirelessly to get them the supplies they need: formula, baby food, diapers, blankets, winter gear and cribs.

12. Hurricane Sandy Relief for Santiago, Cuba
Hurricane Sandy directly hit Cuba's second-largest city, Santiago, flattening homes, hospitals and schools, and affecting over 1 million people. Global Links is partnering with Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) and Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) to help the damaged hospitals recover and continue providing health services. Your donations will help Global Links ship medical materials for the hospitals and for the medical school, which was flooded by the hurricane.

13. Hurricane Sandy Relief in Haiti
Even though the heart of Hurricane Sandy skirted the island, it rained for four days straight in Haiti. Over 20 inches of rainfall deluged the southern countryside, and the damage has been immense. Initial reports speculate that over 90 percent of farmers in the region lost their crops and livestock. Homes were destroyed, roads were washed out, and the threat of a spike in cholera and waterborne diseases remain all too real.

14. Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction
Architecture for Humanity is acting to upgrade and restore in a sustainable manner the parts of America's Eastern Seaboard worst hit by Sandy. In providing design and construction services after the disaster, they will help rebuild and will be focused on disaster mitigation and technical assistance to under served communities in their five- to 20-year long-term recovery.

15. First Response for Animal Disaster Victims
For nearly 100 years, American Humane Association's Red Star Animal Emergency Services team has provided animal disaster relief, both nationally and internationally. From Hurricane Katrina to the South Asian tsunami to the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, Red Star services have helped rescue and shelter animals and reunite pets with families.

16. ´╗┐United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund
To respond to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, United Way has established the United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund. Contributions to the Fund will be used by local United Ways along the Eastern Seaboard to address the near and long-term recovery needs of communities that FEMA has declared disaster areas.
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