Kevin O'Connell and Florence, his mother

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You may not have heard of sound mixer Kevin O'Connell, but he is making Oscar® history. Kevin has been nominated for an Oscar 18 times—with no wins! This year could be the year. Kevin has earned his 19th nomination for his work on Apocalypto.

Kevin laughs off being called "Oscar's biggest loser." "I've often been referred to as the 'Susan Lucci of the Oscars.' If people want to compare me to her, I think that's great!"

Kevin says that after never being able to deliver an Oscar acceptance speech, he hopes that this year he can finally thank his number one fan—his Mom.

"I said, 'Win one before I die.' And he said, 'Oh, that blows it, Mom, because if I win and you die, the family will blame me for winning one.' So that was the end of that!" says Kevin's mom, Florence.