Christina Applegate

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The Move: Plank Push-Ups

The Pro: Teddy Bass, celebrity trainer for over 19 years and creator of the Rock Bottom Body lower-body sculpting program.

Core Client: Christina Applegate used this move to help tone her core after giving birth to her daughter, says Bass.

The Steps: 1. Start in a plank position, with your weight on your forearms and your toes and body forming a straight line from head to toe.

2. Pushing off your forearms, pick up your right hand and place it on the mat under your right shoulder.

3. Lift your left hand and move it under your left shoulder. (You should be in a push-up position).

4. Drop back down to your right forearm, then to your left. (You should now be back in the starting position). Continue this push-up pattern (up right, up left, down right, down left) for a total of 5 reps.

5. Rest, then start over, leading with the left arm.