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Worship the Female Body, Starting With Yours
What it is: Qoya, an exuberantly feminine fusion of yoga, creative dance and "sensual movement" (think loose hips, flowy arms).

What it does for your body: Dancing like nobody's watching quickly gets your heart rate way up, and stretching in new directions improves your flexibility and balance.

What it does for your soul: Routines are designed to help women get comfortable with their bodies and respond to their physical instincts, which creator Rochelle Schieck (a former personal trainer and yoga instructor) believes builds self-confidence. You're encouraged to move in ways that feel right to you without worrying about what you look like (but most of the moves end up feeling—and looking—darn sexy).

Where: Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, MN; Miami, FL; Austin, TX; and via special retreats.