Social media has changed the way we see each other—literally. And enhanced the way we communicate with the world. Everybody gets a stage to proclaim, "This is not just what I'm doing—this is who I am and what I love!"

I marvel at the instant connection, at the power of these new platforms. I try to use them judiciously. I'll have a tweetfest during shows I like...#SuperSoulSunday. I use Facebook to spread ideas and get with OWN's multicultural spirituality series #Belief. On Instagram, I share moments that make me smile. (If you ask me, pictures are worth thousands of words.)

When the haters show up, I shut down. I've learned not to respond to negativity. Responding only gives it more voice and power.

What I know for sure: For me, social media is about spreading the frequency of good vibrations.

Hope you enjoy some of my favorite Insta smiles....

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