I was born on the floor of a log cabin, and my parents whisked me up one of the highest peaks in southern Peru when I was 2 months old. My dad is an outdoor adventure photographer and my mom is a naturalist, so I was essentially raised in a six-by-six-foot tent in various exotic places. I never visited Disneyland or Chuck E. Cheese's: The ocean was my playground, and the shaman from Eat Pray Love taught me to paint. When I grew up, I started filming and photographing all these mind-blowing locations myself. Sometimes I describe myself as a female Indiana Jones with a pink surfboard, a camera, and a cause. I want to inspire people to travel and protect our planet. As a 7-year-old at the base of Mount Everest, I thought, "When will I have a friend to share this with?" Now the world has become that friend. I always want to be planning my next adventure. I want to surf every big, wild wave.

I know those eggs are around here somewhere.... 😜 #HappyEasterAdventures 🐰 📷 @hisarahlee

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Stormy days in Byron Bay! #goofball 📷@alexfringsphoto

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