Kate Siegel's wildly popular Instagram account, @CrazyJewishMom, features meddling from mom Kim Friedman via daily (or hourly) texts. O magazine's Joseph Zambrano asked them about Siegel's debut book—Mother, Can You Not?—and why she hasn't found a nice boy yet.

Joseph Zambrano: Kate, why did you start the account?

Kate Siegel: I was at a bachelorette party, and my mom sent me a text about my ovaries. I read it to my friends, and they just lost their marbles. I realized that while our messages seemed normal to me, they were actually ridiculous—and ridiculously funny. So I began posting them on Instagram. It became so popular that I quit my job as a digital video producer to run it full-time.

JZ: Kim, what did you think?

Kim Friedman: I thought it was great! But I would've preferred if Kate had kept her job. Or made an app and became Mark Zuckerberg. Or married him.

JZ: Well, now she has more than 800,000 followers. Kate, what do you make of the response?

KS: I think we've developed such a large following because people relate. Many of the comments I read are "Crazy Jewish Mom should be 'Crazy Italian Mom' or 'Crazy Catholic Mom!'" But my mom puts them all to shame. I receive daily reminders to do Kegel exercises.

KF: I'm concerned about your reproductive health! And men are supposed to do them, too. I even had your dad try them.

KS: Please!

JZ: Kim, what do you want for Kate—besides a husband and babies?

KF: Married or not, I want her to be able to support herself.

KS: So, a career? I wrote a book while running the account, but she doesn't think I have a job. She's also worried that nobody will buy the book.

KF: Well, you're not famous. I'll just stand next to the Naked Cowboy in Times Square and sell it! And there's one other thing I want for her: to be H-A-P-P-Y.

KS: Thanks for spelling that out.

KF: [To Joseph] Are you single?


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