1. Karin Slaughter says the title, Broken, was inspired by a Hemingway quote: "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places." How are the lead characters—Sara Linton, Lena Adams, and Will Trent—broken and how do their flaws reflect their strengths?

2. The female characters of Broken—Sara, Faith, Angie, Lena, Cathy—are at turns vastly different and share many similarities. Discuss how.

3. Redemption plays a large role in Broken. Who amongst these characters do you feel finds a sense of redemption?

4. None of these characters (Will, Sara, Faith) seem to have a conventional love life. Do you see this turmoil as an extension of their professional lives, or a product?

5. Do you think a person can ever truly turn their back on their past and move on with his or her life, or are people, like Sara, tied forever to their pasts?

6. These characters frequently balance family lives with their work. Does seeing into the off-hours of officers make their choices while on the job seem more justified? Do you understand their motivations better because you see them when they aren't working?

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