1. Larry Levin opens the book with a description of a typical morning in his household and in Oogy's life. What do you learn about him and about Oogy from the details he chooses to include?

2. Neither Dr. Bianco nor Diane thought Oogy could be saved or, if he could, whether he would be safe with animals or people. Why do you think they spent so much time and effort to try to save him?

3. Did Larry and his family save Oogy, or did Oogy save them? Have you ever had an animal or another person depend on you? Did it give you strength?

4. How, if at all, did the fact that the boys were adopted affect their relationship with Oogy?

5. Do you see connections in the book between being a parent and being a pet owner? If so, what are they?

6. Oogy came into the Levins' lives on the same day that they had to say good-bye to their beloved cat Buzzy. Have you ever had a moment where you had something wonderful and terrible happen at the same time?

7. Do you share Larry's belief that a pet owner "has a special responsibility to do everything that can be done to make the pet's life as fulfilling and peaceful as possible"? Have you ever gone above and beyond to preserve a pet's life and sense of comfort?

8. Larry has verbal and nonverbal communication with Oogy. How do you communicate nonverbally with your own pet or pets, if you have them?

9. If Oogy could talk, what do you think he would have to say about his ordeals?

10. Who are the heroes of this book, in your mind? Who are the heroes in your own life?

11. Why do you think that no one who meets Oogy comes away unaffected by the encounter?

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