Nicole Brewer

Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D

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A walking, talking cure for self-consciousness, this expert at shaping and slimming (she's stylist to Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky) breaks down what to wear to the water.

Nicole says:
  • "Look for suits with tummy-control panels; wide, supportive straps; and ruching, which makes bulges less obvious."
  • "When it comes to swimwear, you don't want to go cheap. The most important thing for full-figured women is high-quality fabric that can control curves."
  • "Rinse your suit with cool water after every swim—chlorine can destroy the fibers and weaken the elasticity of the spandex—and avoid fabric-zapping hot tubs." More fuller-figure shopping tips at
Nicole is wearing a Roberta Roller Rabbit by Roberta Freymann tunic with a Matta sarong and Toby Pomeroy earrings.