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Sticking to Safe Solids
A closet full of solid, neutral clothes seems like the best way to keep costs down. Think of all the possible matches. Except that these outfits are, well, sort of boring. If you don't own anything patterned or a single brightly colored piece, you'll feel compelled to buy extra stuff to spice up your wardrobe, and then you'll find yourself confused (and poorer) when another white blouse doesn't do the trick.

The solution? Purchase one or two really vibrant items. Chavez recommends a pair of leopard-print ballet flats, which she says are the key to making even the simplest outfit look lively. A flowered scarf or a bag in a rich magenta will also do the trick. When paired with your basics, you'll have so many combinations that you'll never want to shop again. (At least, for now).

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