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Outfitting the Slightly Better Life
A navy floor-length sequined skirt is exactly the right thing to throw on with a casual top for a cocktail party, and, of course, you'll have one...soon. A silky blouse with an exquisite crossover neckline (that flops open oddly, but never mind) will be perfect for the board meeting...right? When you start telling yourself stories about where you're going to wear certain clothes, you're shopping for the life you want, or the one you think you'll have someday. It's great to dream about that life. It's not great to spend today's cash on it.

To save yourself an embarrassing incident during which that blouse does, in fact, gape at the neck and expose your bra during the aforementioned meeting, or the pain of having to give away that sequined skirt that you really love but have never worn, look out for your excuse words. When you hear yourself uttering hopeful things like "This might be the year!" or "Someday, I'll..." do not stop, do not pass go and do not spend $20, much less $200. Hang that item back on the rack.