I first knew I wanted to make people laugh...in seventh grade. My friend Dana told me, "My mother thinks you should be a stand-up comedian," and it was the coolest thing anybody had ever said to me. Some little girls want to hear that they're beautiful or a princess, but hearing that sent me over the moon—even if being funny got me in trouble at school.

My biggest pet peeve is...small talk. A lot of people love to chitchat, but I am not one of them. I really struggle when I'm checking into a hotel or renting a car and someone asks, "How are you doing? What's up with this weather?" because I'd rather just stand there silently.

The last thing I do before I go to sleep is...take a bubble bath. It always smells like somebody's grandmother is soaking in my bathroom because all my salts, soaps and lotions are eucalyptus scented. I prefer my own tub, but if I'm staying at the squeaky-cleanest hotel imaginable, I'd probably go for it.

My favorite way to spend a lazy weekend is...bird-watching. I got interested in birds after watching Jurassic Park—they're like dinosaurs that are still roaming the planet. My fiancé, Stephanie, and I have strategically placed feeders and houses outside every window so I can keep an eye on them.


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