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Arrested Development (Fox/Netflix, 2003–present)
After patriarch imprisoned, quirk-infested Bluth clan attempts to soldier on; much frustration ensues for sole sane member, Michael (Jason Bateman).

Chief Accomplishment
Diabolically clever ensemble, throwaway funnies that cohere into megajokes: e.g., Buster (Tony Hale) blocks part of ad recruiting army officers such that it reads "Arm Off," also owns hand-shaped chair; later loses hand to hungry seal. ("Loose seal!" passerby exclaims. Name of Buster's bitingly cruel mom: Lucille. Get it?)

Cultural Touchstones
Rueful refrain "I've made a huge mistake," oft said by delusional ne'er-do-well Gob Bluth (Will Arnett). FYI, pronounced Job, as in "book of."

One to Watch
Series too layered for toe dipping, but seasons 1 to 3 are so good you'll prefer diving right in.