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Must Read
Nebraska senator Ben Sasse’s latest book, The Vanishing American Adult, has a provocative thesis: Instead of creating a culture of self-reliance, too many parents are treating their 20-somethings like 10-year-olds (not cute). Sasse has strong ideas on how to course-correct, like encouraging kids to work hard for their wins and learn from their failures—scar tissue is not a bad thing. If you’ve got a grown Peter Pan still living at home, you might want to share the book before you drive him to his next job interview!

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A Date to Remember
When the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture asked director Ava DuVernay to make a short film on a topic of her choosing, she focused on a date: August 28. Why? Many civil rights milestones, from Emmett Till’s murder (1955) to Barack Obama’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president (2008), have occurred on that day. If you can’t see the film in person at the museum, I hope you’ll take this year’s August 28 to reflect on historic moments you won’t find on any ordinary calendar.

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Stay Tuned
One of my favorite parts of Saturday Night Live is “Weekend Update”—it strikes a perfect balance between serious and seriously funny. And since our current political climate is a gift that keeps on giving, coanchors Michael Che and Colin Jost decided to turn the six-minute sketch into four half-hour prime-time specials for NBC (August 10). I can’t wait to get my news with a side of laughs.

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Mix and Match
Creative Director Adam Glassman Adam Glassman has taught me that I shouldn’t keep dresses older than my favorite kids—and that wildly different patterns can mix. The latter idea still scares me, but the new pieces from Reese Witherspoon’s Southern-inspired clothing and lifestyle line, Draper James, prove Adam right. The multitalented actress has partnered with Net-a-Porter to launch a 21-piece capsule collection that has fun written all over it. Just slip on a gingham top and pineapple shorts (I’m sensing a spiky-fruit theme this month...) to channel your inner Reese.

Top, $245, and shorts, $200;

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Food for Thought
Pineapple upside-down cake takes me back to childhood summers visiting relatives in Birmingham, Alabama. So when I heard that Williams Sonoma is making miniature versions and shipping them to front doors across the country, I couldn’t wait to put in my order. Thanks, Williams Sonoma, for reminding me just how delicious this season can be. ($50 for six;