The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is read something inspiring. I like jump-starting my day with a reminder that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. My favorite teachings are always within reach, right on my nightstand. Many of them are by thought leaders and visionaries who’ve joined me on my show Super Soul Sunday.

If there is anything that represents the heartbeat of who I am and the work I strive to put out in the world, it’s the conversations I’ve been blessed to experience on this show. For me, they represent a new way of thinking about life’s big questions, lighting a path forward and reminding us that we are all connected.

I’ve always believed the knowledge and ideas shared each week on the show would make a powerfully transcendent book. I believed it even more strongly after going through more than 200 hours of Super Soul tapes in search of the most impactful sparks of brilliance from the men and women who’ve sat in my backyard in Santa Barbara and shared their wisdom.

I got reinspired revisiting each one.

My life, just like yours, is a work in progress. And contemplating these Super Soul teachings from where I am now on my spiritual journey, I can see an entirely new layer of lessons. So in this month of giving thanks, it’s with profound gratitude that I offer the book I dreamed of, The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations.

It’s a book about awakening your spirit. Living with intention. Discovering the power of forgiveness. And finding fulfillment, love, and, yes, connection.

My prayer is that this book becomes a companion for you. That at any point in your own lifelong adventure, you’ll be able to open The Wisdom of Sundays and find—as I do in the cherished books on my bedside table—just the right words of comfort and clarity.

What I know for sure: Your soul is as unique as your fingerprint. Finding its truest expression is a forever exploration. And sometimes it helps to have a wise and trusted friend along for the ride.


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