Best Way to Unwind

Drinking a glass of Cabernet with my wife, Chrissy Teigen, and watching TV. If she’s got the remote, we’re watching any show on Bravo. If I’m in charge, we’ll be catching up on cable news.

Best Guilty Pleasure

Fried chicken. I even have my own recipe. It’s an ordeal to cook—it means getting out the deep fryer and dealing with a whole lot of mess—but that doesn’t stop me from making it every couple of months.

Best "Pinch Me" Moment

Professionally, it was winning an Academy Award for “Glory,” the song I cowrote for Ava DuVernay’s film Selma. Personally, it’s between my wedding day and the day my daughter, Luna, was born. Both were life-changing and amazing. Though I’ll say getting married was less stressful than having a baby.

Best Advice

Early in my career, Quincy Jones told me that the definition of being cool is having the ability to be yourself in all circumstances. It’s something I’ve always remembered. As an artist, you have to find your voice—and then make music that actually stays true to that voice.

Best Hidden Talent

If I had one, I hope I would’ve found it by now—I’m 38 years old! Chances are that if I haven’t shown something off, I’m not good at it.

Best Way to Spend a Weekend

During football season, it's watching a game. Out of season, it's brunch with mimosas, then shopping.

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