Best "Pinch Me" Moment
Booking the role of Meg Murry! After an audition process that took about a month, my agent finally told my mom to expect one more phone call. We didn't know what was going on—until Ava DuVernay called from an unknown number to say I'd gotten the part. Mind blown.

Best Advice
Don't waste energy on things you can't change. Oprah told me that one day when we were having a conversation about my weird fear of being tall—I'm already 5'4"! Instead of putting negative energy out into the universe about something that's set in stone, like my height, she said I should turn that energy into something positive and use it to make my dreams come true. So if I end up being seven feet, then I'll be seven feet.

Best On-Set Snack
I'm a cookie girl. They were in my trailer, at the catering table—everywhere! My favorite are mint Oreos, which nobody in my family likes—so I get to keep them all for myself.

Best Reason to Journey Through Time
To meet my ancestors. My mom just got a DNA kit, and now my sister and I want one, too, so we can learn more about where we come from. It's kind of like time traveling.


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