Best Guilty Pleasure
True crime shows. I don’t like serial killer stories—too disturbing—but anything in the vein of Fargo, where people are plotting something and it goes wrong, I find fascinating. There’s a show on Oxygen called Snapped about women accused of murder. The same line appears in some of the episodes: “And that’s when she snapped.” I really like that show.

Best Springtime Activity
Going to the beach. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I like getting into the water. If someone says, “Cool, let’s go boogie boarding,” my response will be, “Why would you want to do that?” Which is how people find out that I’m really boring.

Best Advice
“Some days it’s just going to rain.” My grandfather told me that when I was 17. He meant I shouldn’t worry about things beyond my control. He said it in such a nonchalant way. He was a laconic Oklahoma guy, so this wasn’t a heart-to-heart. But it really stuck with me.

Best Mentors
There’s my friend Duffy, my sisters, my dad. When you become more well-known, you pull the people you grew up with closer to you—because they see the person you’ve always been. I’m still Duffy’s dipshit friend from high school. He’s a good sounding board and honest with me—and that’s what you need.

Best Collection
Books. I like rereading them. Seeing a stain on a page might remind me that I read this story ten years ago while eating a slice of pizza in New York.


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