Best Escape

Sketching with Dixon No. 2 pencils. I started doing it when I was madly in love with a boy in high school. He turned out to be horrible—but after I drew him, I thought, Hey, that really looks like him!

Best Souvenir

Our dog, Clover. I flew to Oklahoma City a few years ago to visit my now-95-year-old mother. While I was there, my good friend from first grade, who had just lost her dog, invited me along to look at new puppies. When we got to the rescue shelter, I saw the cutest little puffball, so I took a video and sent it to my husband [actor Nick Offerman]. His response: "Please get that dog to Los Angeles yesterday."

Best Risk

When I'm acting, I'll do anything for a laugh that isn't physically dangerous to myself or emotionally scarring for a fellow performer. That includes ripping my top off for a scene in Parks and Recreation. They ended up using that moment—with my boobs blacked out.

Best Time Waster

Jigsaw puzzles. I pick out a few ridiculous options, like a baby wearing a fedora or a fantasy fairyland, and then Nick has final approval. Heres the twist: We listen to audiobooks while doing them. Somehow, those two activities together allow you to focus, or defocus, just enough to always find the piece you're looking for. I think that may qualify me for some neuroscience award.

Best Conversation Starter

"Oh, I love those shoes!" People often take pride in their footwear, so it's a reliable way to score some points.


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