"For what you do to others, you do to yourself." — Eckhart Tolle

It's no big secret that you get what you give in this world. Good things happen to good people; it's just the Universe's way. If we were given the chance to be kind over being cruel, why wouldn't we kill 'em with kindness every single time?

Showing random acts of kindness to the loves in your life doesn't have to mean orchestrating some complicated, over the top grand gesture. Not by any means. Learning to show kindness to others can be as simple as a change in attitude.

Listen, and you might learn. Give, and you shall receive.

  • Learn to reserve judgment, and keep an open mind. Give up what you thought you once knew so well. Make room for new knowledge from a new person, and a more colorful world will begin to open up before you. You can't always be right...so give someone else the opportunity to be.

  • Give people a chance to talk. You want to tell people everything you know, so allow them to do the same with you. Surprise and delight others with how quiet and open-minded you can be when they speak, even when it's not directed towards you. Your version of a random act of kindness could simply mean listening to someone —and I mean fully listening, without ever turning the conversation back onto yourself. Don't make it all about you.

  • Being kind means being honest. Don't give people short answers like "good," "cool," or the super lonely "k." When someone asks you a question, be honest, be vulnerable, and be elaborate with them. They had the guts to ask you something, so do them a favor, and give them a proper answer. You don't have to spill your whole soul to them, but going a little deeper and making someone feel loved is the least you can do in your pursuit to be kind.

  • Be selfless. When we're tired and cranky, it's easy to be unconsciously selfish in our actions. (When I get too hungry...such is the case). Use these opportunities to be acutely aware of how your decisions may affect others. Again, this doesn't have to be some grand gesture, it can be as simple as putting yourself in another's shoes, and acting from that place of the universal One.

  • Turn your attention away from yourself, and highlight the beautiful qualities in another. It's easy: when you're proud of yourself for something, you'll begin to notice similar qualities of that very thing in others as well. Instead of outwardly giving yourself full credit for your beauty, compliment what you see in another. It will bring you a kind of peace and connection you didn't know you needed.

You get what you give, so give the gift of kindness to the world. That is, if that's what you wish to receive.


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