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Conquer Your Tech Addiction

Are you addled by an uncontrollable urge to refresh your in-box at all hours? Powerless to stop perusing strangers' Instagram feeds late into the night? Kathleen Hall, founder of the Stress Institute, can help you go happily off-line—at least during your off-hours:

Don't even glance at your in-box for at least an hour after you wake up. "This can be a great time to access the more creative part of your brain," says Hall. "The second you check e-mail, you shift into a more organizing, critical- thinking mode."

Unplug for ten to 30 minutes per day. "I don't care if you go outside and lie in the grass or just stare at a bug on the ceiling. What's important is that you tune in to yourself without distractions. As your brain reenergizes, your productivity should increase."

Keep mealtime device-free. "Technology can fracture families by allowing each person to retreat into a cocoon," says Hall. And don't even think about bringing your phone into the bedroom: "Out of sight, out of mind."