Sharyn and Marvin's new living room features a hardwood floor.

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Once the two months of sorting, throwing away and cleaning are finished, Sharyn says she feels like a new person. "This cinderblock feeling from my shoulders has been lifted," Sharyn says. Free of the excess belongings, Marvin says he and his wife are finally getting their life back. "I've seen a tremendous change in Sharyn," he says. "She just has no want, no need to even walk into a store."

Even though the clutter has been removed, Peter and his team feel the job is still unfinished. Sharyn and Marvin need a fresh start in order to establish their vision of a home filled with peace, family and harmony—and the team has something very special in mind!

For seven weeks, Sharyn and Marvin moved out of their home for the cleanup. When they finally return, the home is not only clutter-free, it's completely redecorated! Walking into the house, they discover a brand new living room. "It's gorgeous," Sharyn says.

Because black mold destroyed 75 percent of the furniture, Broyhill fully furnished the entire home. Lowe's ripped out the old moldy carpet and replaced it with shiny new hardwood floors.