Despite having created the green home series for Al Gore's nonprofit The Alliance for Climate Protection, working as an eco-expert on the green home makeover show The Ecozone Project and being lauded as an eco-hero of the planet by the UK's Independent, Simran Sethi has never had the opportunity to manifest many of these changes in her own home because she has lived in rental apartments.
Join the woman Vanity Fair calls "the green messenger" on her yearlong journey to green her own life as she moves into her first home, a 1925 historic two-story structure in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas. Through articles, slideshows and more, you will see the urban dweller who worked diligently for the environment but never held seeds in her hand grow her own vegetables, make her home more energy efficient and hone in on the most cost-effective and accessible ways to save money and conserve natural resources.

Using sweat equity, resources from trusted eco-colleagues and the insights she has shared with millions of others on The Oprah Winfrey Show as her guide, Simran will evolve from talking about the work to doing it, highlighting the products and information that have worked for her along the way and creating a home that reflects her passions and cares.

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Simran Sethi is an award winning journalist and associate professor at the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communications. For more information on Sethi visit


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