Secure your homeNothing's more important than the safety of your family. Former Senior Designer for the U.S. Department of Justice and home safety expert Al Corbi offers top-notch tips on how to keep criminals out. Find out which locks work best. Plus, the importance of peepholes. 
Secure your home from the inside out

What makes your home a targetSimple ways you can protect your home from break-ins. Reformed cat burglar Walter Shaw reveals what criminals look for when targeting a house. 
What makes your home a target 

Eliminate household germsDr. Philip Tierno says the kitchen sink is the dirtiest place in most households—surpassing even your toilet bowls! Find out where germs are breeding in your house.
Eliminating household germs 

Five places not to hide valuables
Think you're being clever by stashing your jewelry in your underwear drawer? Think again. Don't make it easy for an intruder to make off with your valuables—get creative! 
Five places not to hide valuables 

Damage controlMore than half of all homes are underinsured. That means if the worst could lose everything. Suze Orman helps you cover your assets. 
Damage control


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