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The Magical Pairing That Provides Texture and Comfort
Casually layering rugs can transform a room with hardwood floors into an oasis. A no-fail combination: Pairing a neutral base rug with something bolder in color, pattern or texture (such as a speckled cowhide rug, a faux sheepskin rug or a bright Moroccan rug). "The bottom layer should be simple with a really low pile," Winthrop says. "To keep the furniture from sinking down, you'll want to make sure your bottom layer is pretty thin." Sisal or jute rugs made from natural materials (plant fibers) are a great option for a base. This layering technique can also help you make use of a too-small vintage rug picked up at a flea market. Plop the smaller rug on top of a larger one to visually extend it.