One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is sinking into the simplicity and calm of a hotel room. With no clutter and no backlog of chores screaming for your attention, you can breathe a sigh of relief and chill out. But you don't have to wait for a vacation or business trip to enjoy that sense of peace. I think every woman deserves a personal sanctuary in her home, a place to listen to music, read, meditate or just be alone with her thoughts.

Choose Your Spot
Find a quiet space where the light is appealing to you. If you've got a whole room, great—but you can also use a small area, like a window seat or a corner of your office. I created a reading nook next to a big window in my hallway by painting the walls terracotta and lining them with beautiful cherry bookshelves, bringing in two comfy upholstered chairs and hanging a piece of art I love.

Remove All Unnecessary Objects
Generally, I don't push people to get rid of possessions, focusing instead on arranging them for easy access. Not in this case. Setting up a sanctuary is all about carving out a space where you don't need to accomplish anything. Keep only the items that help you unwind.

Take a Deep, Sweet Breath
Adding a few sensory elements can promote an ambience that's distinct from the rest of your home. Treat yourself to fragrant flowers, candles or aromatherapy oils. Think about installing a great piece of art or interesting photographs, a few CDs that transport you, a velvet pillow that's a pleasure to touch. Allow yourself the luxury of tuning in to your senses every day, even if it's only for 10 minutes.


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