Babette, Bruce, Bennett and Brent

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Babette, Bruce, and their sons, Bennett and Brent, are Skyping in to The Oprah Show from their newly decorated art gallery. Babette says she had been expecting a package on the day Peter arrived. "I realized it wasn't the postman [at the door], and Peter was just lovely," she says. "He was so sweet."

Babette says she organized her kids' closets after Peter left her apartment. "I found a couple of containers to put like puzzles together ... so the kids now know where they're at," she says. "What stuck with me was when [Peter] said, 'If you hadn't touched it in 12 months, get rid of it.' That sort of removed the emotional attachment to anything."

Bruce says the results have been fantastic. "Every time I come home, there's something different," he says. "It's been quite an adventure."

Bennett and Brent have been chipping in as well. "They love the drawers, and they love the bins," Babette says. "They've been working really hard to keep things in their place."