Babette's reorganized toy space.

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Candice added wheels to storage boxes to contain the kids' clutter. "We put it on wheels so that the kids can move it around as a table surface, or they can use it for additional seating—multipurpose, multitasking, multifunctional furniture," Candice says.

Babette's children had plenty of art on the walls, so Candice used carpet tiles as corkboard to hang pictures and create a mini art gallery. "Each square makes the pieces you choose as special even more special by doing these little frames," she says. "It's really an extension of the décor of the entire room and a great way to display art."

Candice recommends adhering the carpet tiles to the wall with double-sided tape so that they can be easily removed. You can find them at any home improvement store, she says, and they come in every color, so they're easy to coordinate with the rest of the room.

Babette and Bruce can't believe how quickly their messy toy space has been transformed into a work of art. "How adorable," Babette says.

In this room: Open Solid Mahogany Cube, The Container StorePottery Barn pillows; Two-Drawer Solid Mahogany Cubes, The Container Store; EVA Tread boxes, The Container Store; floor tiles, available at any home improvement store.