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The Entryway Floor

Your entryway will need to work extra hard to stay tidy with the amount of daily traffic it has to deal with and the number of items that need to be accessed every day. If you find yourself tripping over shoes or umbrellas the second you walk through the door, it could be time for a blitz. Here's how to transform your entryway from cluttered to calm.

Storage, storage, storage
I am obsessed with storage and don't think you can ever have too much. Entryway storage, in particular, can be really appealing; wall hooks, mail trays, umbrella stands, and storage benches can totally transform a messy entryway and provide a great opportunity to stamp your personality on your home.

Floor space is usually limited, so start with the walls. Peg racks are great for a country-style foyer and can be run along the length of your wall for maximum coat storage, or choose brightly colored hooks for a cheerful welcome in a contemporary space. Hooks labeled with names are good for allocating each member of the family a designated space to hang their coat, and high shelves are good for stashing away items that aren't needed every day.

Be seasonal
In the height of summer, do you need to have wet-weather gear cluttering up the entryway? And, equally, do you need to take up valuable storage space with sandals and beach bags in the winter? Do a seasonal review of your entryway closets and remove any items that aren't required. Store them somewhere else, such as under a guest bed or in the attic, until they are needed again, swapping out seasons as necessary.

Squeeze in a slim table
Having a place for keys, mail, and your phone is essential in an entryway if you want to avoid dropping them on various tables around the house. If you have enough space to squeeze in a slim console table, it will definitely pull its weight. The secret to blissful order is to place a few trays or dishes on top and designate one for each item that you tend to put down when you walk through the door.